The Swasthya Gram offers you an excellent opportunity to feel nature-walk on acres and acres of lush green lawns surrounded by golden green field in authentic rural ambience. Experience sting of a cold biting wind on your face & let the rain soak you to your bones to have a feel to nature.

You are invited to avail of the state of art facilities offered by Swasthya Gram. It has well designed rejuvenating health programming to make you feel young and get back your relaxed, confident self. 

All at one place the following facilities exist :
Yoga : Yoga therapy plays an important part in the treatment system of naturopathy. It is only used as a remedical measure but also developing mental poise and spirtual upliftment.

Diet Centre: To meet the dietetic requirement of the patients, there is spacious diet centre with a fully equipped kitchen and very spacious dining halls. The cleanliness is impeccable, an atmosphere attractive. It has glass windows on its 3 sides through which a view of Swasthya Gram farm wilush greenery  can be enjoyed
                                               Dining Centre

Library : The hospital provides food for the mind through a library having books magazines and newspapers.

VIP Huts : The Hospital provides Special hut for VIP people which is fully Air Conditioned.  In Hut there are  separate bed room, dining room, loby, kitchen, bathroom etc.
                                                  VIP Hut

Deluxe Hut : The Hospital provides Deluxe Hut which is fully Air Conditioned.  In Hut there are  separate bed room, dining room, loby, kitchen , bathroom etc.

Deluxe Hut

Dining room

Bed Room

Gymnasium :- Like treatment sections and yogic kriya sections, there are one separate most modern Gymnasia, for men and women. Gymnasium consists of latest equipment and exercise models selected from the best available in the world and a few developed indigenously as per the need of the patients through constant research.

Farm :- Swasthya has it own vegetable plantation and also orchards from where fresh vegetables and fruits come for patients. Swasthyagram tries to use as far as practical anly organic manure. Besides wormiculture and biohorticulture are also being resorted to.

Leisure :- Swasthyagram provides TV network with international channels which will bring the world closer to you.

Recreation Hall :- For those who are interested in games, there is a recreation hall of exquisite architectural beauty providing indoor games like chess, table tenis, carrom etc